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Tea Tube: White Peony

Tea Tube: White Peony

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This is a pure white tea, derived from the Chinese variety Pai Mu Tan. It features a light, refreshing flavour, with a subtle sweetness. The tea is harvested from the hand-picked bud and first two leaves of the tea plant.

Great Taste 2-Star Award Winner 2022.

"Wonderfully smooth China white tea character, mellow with a delicate sweetness. Has a lingering finish, most enjoyable. A good example of its type."

  • 15 pyramid tea bags in a cardboard tube.
  • The card tubes are recyclable and the tea inside is packed in a clear Natureflex wrapper - which is completely compostable. So no plastic. The tubes are also food grade lined so are a great way to store your tea once opened. 
  • These tea bags are made from biodegradable cornstarch so can be put in with your food waste for commercial composting. They're not suitable for home composting.


Chinese White Tea.

Contains caffeine.