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Lamp shades from Amanda Wells Lighting.

Rattan Scalloped Tiffany lampshade

All eight panels are individually cut from a roll of rattan in the Amanda Wells studio and fixed around a bespoke light antique frame with accompanying strips of Liberty fabric, luxury braiding and beautiful fringing.

Carefully hand-stitched along the trimmings at regular intervals, these lampshades boast a durable, high-quality finish. The Rattan Scalloped Tiffany collection is versatile, designed to elegantly hang as a pendant from the ceiling or complement a stylish lamp base.

Diameter:  35cm (14")

Height including fringe: 26 cm


Small Empire lampshade

All the empire lampshades are hand-stitched along the vertical join to ensure a long lasting and high quality finish. 

This lampshade is made to accompany a lamp stand and sits on a shade carrier provided with your order.  

Top diameter of lampshade: 15cm

Bottom diameter of lampshade: 20cm

Slope from top to bottom: 19cm